Personal Growth

Reflecting, Learning, Growing and getting clarity for 2012

What did I love about 2011?

  • Committed Triathlon training (hired a coach)
  • Failing 1st Sprint Tri and then completing a sprint Tri the following weekend
  • First Olympic distance Triathlon(despite fear of lengthy open water swimming)
  • Kaslo weekend with immediate and extended family (family, sun, campfires)
  • Great Concerts with wonderful people, U2 (Kyle, Warren and Kari), Pearl Jam (2x (Chris then Charltons) and the best of the best Bridge Benefit Concert(Warren and I)
  • Scotland and Ireland
  • Wrap Up Message (inspired from Steve Jobs) in Niagara Falls
  • Ava- grade one, loving French Emersion, continuing to sing
  • Declan-pre-school and loving it, becoming his own person
  • Cycling a lot with Warren
  • Half Marathon with family and friends (Warren, Kari, Brent, Emeka, Sally, Arman, Mateo)
  • 30 day challenge in Sept. (read 30 pages/day and 30 push ups/day)
  • Dad here for Xmas
  • FRF Gala in April
  • Thomas NewZealand FRF Experience
  • Love where I live
  • increasing my knowledge and passion for mind-body connection
  • more raw food in our diet
  • cross country skiing

What did I accomplish?

  • 1 sprint and 1 Olympic Tri
  • 1/2 Marathon
  • increased communication with Warren on where we are going, our relationship and family
  • Sent Kristine to UPW
  • Set up with financial investor (wealth mgmt)
  • Eating better
  • started to blog

What do I want to duplicate?

Disciplined Triathlon Trg, Mommy Daughter Dates, continued awareness of health

What did I hate in 2011 (or challenging)?

  • Arguing about finances
  • Non-sales growth in business, (however growth in relationships)
  • Didn’t get swim lessons
  • a lot of travel with work
  • Nanny situation
  • Comparing myself to others
  • Lack of clarity with priorities
  • Did not hit all my 2011 goals

Lessons learned

  • Not to quit when at first you don’t succeed,mind over matter and belief is many times the solution
  • Exercise, Eating well and time with family and friends is top priority for me to thrive
  • Finances are important to me
  • My Feminine side needs to come out more
  • Reading inspires me
  • coaching and mentorship key to many areas of success
  • Warren loves me a lot
  • Discipline creates lifestyle and satisfaction
  • I work with wonderful people
  • I thrive in giving back

What will 2012 be about for me

  • Find another Tri coach (goal to do Olympic Distance under 2:45)
  • Become a better leader
  • Dream with other leaders in my organization
  • create magic moments for others
  • Grow the people I Influence
  • Run another 1/2 marathon
  • Fundraise in Western Canada at least 30k for Front Row
  • Establish FRF Canada
  • Go to Disneyland with our Family
  • Go to Maui with our family (free due to work)
  • Read 52 Books
  • Family and Business Finances to the next exciting level
  • Get a try bike
  • See DMB at the Gorge
  • Celebrate my Dads 60th Bday
  • Ocean Kayaking
  • planned time (at least 2hrs/week) with family
  • Dive more into CVI, to coach on it and use it to grow myself and others
  • Utilize Business Mastery
  • Plan each day and week before I live it
  • Tell more people I love them and I am grateful for them in my life


Reflecting, Learning, Growing and setting intentions for 2020


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