Why do we stop doing things good for us?

This last week I have been letting the snooze button rob me of the energy to start the day with intention. I was on a path of getting up as soon as the alarm went off and that decision alone made me feel great about starting the day on my terms. It was one form of decisive action that led to a day of great decisions-not easy decisions. It’s much easier to lay in bed awhile longer, harder to get up sometimes. Mind over Mattress:)

I fell into that bad pattern and was feeling awful about not getting about-it was leading to a day of “catch up”, no clarity to drive the day I wanted it. It also led to lack of exercise-which I feel I do a great job of on a daily basis. Nothing clears my mind like a run, and very few things bring stillness to a busy life, like a mindful yoga session. The endorphins released through exercise can’t be bought, stolen or traded, must be earned and is worth every last amount of effort.

So again, we all fall off the wagon once in awhile but that isn’t what matters, what matters is when you get back on and are aware of how you felt and who you were becoming by not doing the things that serve you to become the best version of yourself.

Published by amacdoug

I am a mother of two, a wife to the best man in the world, the National Sales Manager for a fantastic company - Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery Canada. I also serve on a board for the Front Row Foundation. "Be the Change" to me is about living your authentic self, making progress each day towards the best version of you.

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