Holidays Full of Gratitude

What a wonderful holiday season-so much to be grateful for.

Time with Family:

Playing Cards with Grandpa

Having my father here for 5 days, great for me and wonderful for Declan and Ava to get to know their Grandpa

Cross Country Ski Days, so nice to have the kids learning and growing their confidence on skis. To be only 25min from a winter wonderland is another reason I love living here.

Warren and I shopping together for the kids. Love talking about what we want them to have, learn and remember about Christmas.

Magic of the days leading up to and including Christmas day.


Falling in love with cross country skiing. Enjoy the peaceful yet challenging workout. Being in the snow and forest. Time alone or with others enjoying the adventure.

Running has been the fastest and simplest way to get my charge of endorphins and release of stress – a great way to clear my mind and yet challenge my thoughts.


Warren and I taking a day to plan, dream and set goals for 2012 and beyond for us as a family and each individually.


Bringing in the New Year with friends, sharing ideas about the future and celebrating birthdays.

I am excited about living my purpose: “To be loving, enjoy the moment and create dreamers and achievers!”

Published by amacdoug

I am a mother of two, a wife to the best man in the world, the National Sales Manager for a fantastic company - Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery Canada. I also serve on a board for the Front Row Foundation. "Be the Change" to me is about living your authentic self, making progress each day towards the best version of you.

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