Ironman Couer d’Alene 2013-I signed up – Let the Adventure Begin:)

So this wasn’t at all how I envisioned signing up for my first IM. I was asked by a colleague about doing a triathlon in Couer d’Alene next year-2013, so I checked it out and it was only a 6.5hr drive from our place and I could of sworn I saw on the web a 70.3 option. So I thought- that will definitely be a challenge for me, I have only done an Olympic distance and the swim in that one was hard enough-so I knew 70.3 would be tough for me.  I just had a friend do a 70.3 and I was very inspired. So I agree and say, ya we will go, Warren and I. Then I go to sign up and realize there isn’t a 70.3 option at all-I can’t find it anywhere. I email Wes and say, “ya know I only intended on doing the half and IM Canada is only like an hour from my place-that was the one I thought I would do-and it wasn’t going to be for a long time from now. I also said, now I know what you are going to say , suck it up, do it anyway” Keep in mind he has done an IM already and multiple 70.3’s.  Sure enough he replied with every other person that was doing it and some that were more out of tri-shape than me, as well as two words, RESULTS OR REASONS. I analyzed it for 3 days, should I, should I not, should I, should I not???

I get home and tell Warren I can’t stop thinking about it. Do I want to do it  because everyone else is, am I wanting to do it because I don’t want to face the other guys and say no I wasn’t ready for that yet- I chickened out, or am I doing it because it’s on my dreams list, from the day I saw Teri and Adlai do it, and I have thought about doing it someday. The pride and accomplishment I see on people’s faces when they finish IM, or when I talk to them and they say I have done an IM (how they light up). Is it because of who I know I need to become in order to train, grow my business, be a great mom to my kids and wife to my husband, sacrifice in the short term for a bigger long term goal, get good at swimming and enjoy my life at the same time in the next 12 months? What a great way to bring in the 40th year of my life, doing an IM (shut the front door!) :).

I met a very inspiring woman in the pool about a month ago (people come into your life for a reason at the right time). Kara Dickson- we were in the change room and she saw my race cap, and asked if I do triathlon. I said well.. I have done a few and only one olympic distance. I looked at her cap and it said Ironman-I said you do ironman:) She said ya, I think she said she has done 7 and is now trg for the Ultraman, a 3 day epic triathlon, way longer than an IM:

Day One:
10K (6.2miles) swim across Skaha Lake in Penticton.
144.8 K (90 mile) bike ride
(total time allotted for finish: 12 Hours)

Day Two:
275.4 K (171.4 mile) bike ride (gulp…..)
(total time allotted for finish: 12 Hours)

Day Three:
84.3 K (52.4 mile) run…….
(total time allotted for finish: 12 Hours)
So I was like WOW, then I asked if she had kids-she said yes 3 and she was not yet 40, I think 38. She is a maternity Nurse as well-now this is someone who inspires me, not only does she compete at IM distance but she has a family and a FT job.  She said to me, “don’t analyze it, just do it. You can do IM”. She got me thinking. Then I was working in Starbucks the next day and guess who comes in-Kara. She comes over we chat and she says to me, if you want to keep in touch here is a great way, my blog. My ultra-efficient Ultraman Journey, and of course Facebook. So I added her on FB and have been reading her blog ever since. Very inspiring human being she is.  So needless to say, on the 3 days of analyzing should I do the IM, I was thinking a lot about what she said, don’t analyze it, just do it. Then Warren and I talked about it, he said I should do it, I said I don’t know, I said I wonder if Luke (my coach with balancepointracing) thinks I can do it.  So I walk out of the room and who does Warren call- Luke:) He  asks him what he thought, could I do it? Luke said, well….with her travel schedule and family commitments it would be challenging. Then he asked me, was my goal to do my best and hit my potential or just to do it? I said it was to do it-he said, yes you can do it. Even with my horrendous swimming ability? he said ya we have time to work on that. So with that and Warren’s support (as this is not just my journey-it’s me and my family’s sacrifice, adventure and journey), I signed Up! June 24th, 2013.
I immediately called Teri and told her and asked for her advice and opinion. She was excited for me.
Then on a call with my life/business coach and dear friend Jon Vroman, he said to me something that really stood out and resonated with me (something that was said to him once), “I am jealous of the person you will become in the results of making this big decision in your life. The minute you commit to the decision, is the second your life is no longer the same” That really is the reason I am doing this. I know when I want to lead others, I need to lead through action. I will need to be better at all parts of my life to pursue this. When I want to show my kids that when you put your mind to something and work hard at it, anything is possible. Also to show my kids how we all support each other on the journey to achieving our dreams, to becoming the best version of ourselves. I know that proximity is power and by getting around the people in the triathlon community, I am surrounding myself with positive, healthy, fit and inspiring people. I want more of that in my life. I work with a lot of inspiring people with Vector (absolutely love what I do and the opportunity I am given) but this is a different and will only help me grow. It will really have me living my favourite quote – “Be the change you wish to see in the world” or at least doing my best to do that.
I am going to take all the advice I give people I work with in regards to setting goals. Get a coach learn from the best-get a plan and someone to hold you accountable (check), stick it around you everywhere, in your car, on your desk, in the bathroom (need to do that), post your reasons-know your WHY, make it really good-good enough to keep you going when it get’s tough, enlist support from the right people (check-husband, friends, coach, boss, kids),  visualize how I will feel and look coming across that finish line, then start working the plan. I’m excited and scared, very scared:) Just like the quote says, We only grow when we are challenged, that’s where the Magic Happens:)
 This is living life in the front row, let the Journey begin!

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I am a mother of two, a wife to the best man in the world, the National Sales Manager for a fantastic company - Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery Canada. I also serve on a board for the Front Row Foundation. "Be the Change" to me is about living your authentic self, making progress each day towards the best version of you.

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    Moments like these are rare – even for the most accomplished. I must admit: I read through the brochure cover-to-cover!

    What are you currently considering that would force you to become a better version of yourself in order to accomplish? Read this post and DO IT!

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