Good Decisions

Since I signed up for IM Coeur d’Alene in this summer, I told myself I really want to blog and record this year of trg, the good the bad and everything in between. So I started with a blog over my week off in the start of August and then I have been thinking about it every since. So now on the plane back from SLC in Dallas I am going to review some decisions and events related to IM training since then.

I knew that I wanted and new bike for the race so I asked my coach to keep an eye out for anyone he knew selling one and maybe an end of season sale. Not more than 10 days later he texted me saying “I think I found the best deal ever for you”. His step dad was selling his bike- a FELT TT Bike (hip surgery and no longer able to get in aero position-only 400km on the bike and I was in a position to get a 6k bike for 2.5k!). Timing was great-I was in Calgary went to try it out, see if it would fit me and bingo, I bought the bike-big decision🙂

new bike for IM
My new TT bike for IM!

A week later Luke fit me for the bike and I was off for my first ride. I felt a little like trg wheels- riding in aero position was a lot different than my road bike position. Different for my neck-back, shoulders and my soft tissue:) I rode about an hour the first time-just getting used to switching gears, not having brakes right at my finger tips in aero position, getting my water bottle from a really awkward spot etc. What I loved was how light the bike was, the gears switched must faster and efficiently and I could tell with practice this would help me go much faster. I took it for one more ride before the Apple Olympic Tri on Aug 19th. I wasn’t sure (decision time again)  if I should ride the FELT for the race being so new to it and being a bit uncomfortable still with the saddle but since I wasn’t so concerned about my time-I thought it would be good experience.

That brings me to the race day (Apple Olympic Tri)-I have always dreaded the possibility that I might not be able to wear a wet suit for this race (if the water temp is over 22 degrees-no wetsuits allowed-it was 23 deg:(

So I had to decide if I was going to even do the race- I knew I could do it with the wetsuit but non-wetsuit (no help in the buoyancy dept, was scary). I decided I have not much to lose- it would be  a good experience so I got up the next morning drove into Kelowna-totally nervous and got ready for the race. Only plus side was no fighting to get the wet suit on or off before and during the race. Well, I did the swim but it was pathetically slow and I think took more out of me than I thought it would. I was excited to get out onto my new bike-but just didn’t feel as good as I normally due after I have exited the lake (my least fav part of the race). I tried a new bar on the bike ride and don’t think it sat well in my stomach. It was getting really warm- I was drinking possibly too much water-it was getting really hot. It was fun to see my family with posters and cheering on the side line one each loop of the bike.

Smiling for my family cheering me on:)
Patiently waiting for me to come by again on my bike

I got on the run, and normally this is challenging but not dreadful. It was getting super hot by this time – over 30 degrees and I was feeling not good. During the first lap I was wondering how I was going to do another one. I saw warren and said – I have never walked in a race and today I think I am going to possibly walk more than run:(  I did walk a lot on the second one-legs hurt but stomach hurt even more. I made it thru I didn’t quit-big decision– but felt awful.

so not having fun but almost at the finish line.

I really didn’t feel better until about 45min after and I drank a mountain dew ( haven’t had pop in ages-but I was craving sweet and my body loved it). I still haven’t checked my results on that race:( There is always a rainbow after the rain and this is what happened after that race. Laura Medcalf was at the race cheering on her husband and saw Warren and the kids cheering on me-she saw how I wasn’t looking really good and my facebook post after on how I wasn’t pleased with results. At this stage I had only seen Laura at the pool-she works and coaches there and at school-her son Max was in Ava’s grade 1 class. However she has done IM before, multiple triathlons and was doing IMC the following weekend. She sent me one of the most inspirational messages to me via Facebook-regarding that race.

“Great job yesterday! I know it wasn’t exactly the day that you expected. 
Every challenging race, or workout that you don’t really want to finish, that you really have to talk yourself through, over the next 9 months is like putting money in the bank. The reality is that you are not always going to want to swim, ride, or run, but you will do it, because you know that every stroke, or step you take in training will bring you one step closer to your big day. 
When you are out there racing IM, it could be unpredictable, you might get wind, heat, bitter cold, etc… But, you’ll be able to look back on a few really tough workouts or races over the past year, and you’ll remember that you are strong enough to get through it, and you will. 

See you around I’m sure.”

This message made me smile and get a little emotional. It was another example of the type of people in the triathlon community – great great people. I had been thinking of asking her for private lessons for the fall and this just finalized that decision. I asked if she would be available to coach me 1-1 in the pool. She said yes and we could start in mid september.

The following week we had our summer end conf in Van, on the way back we stopped in Penticton to see some finishers at IMC. So so inspiring, Laura was under 12hrs, Luke was in 9.5 and Sister Madonna Buder set a new record, oldest female (82 yrs old) completed it in 16.5hrs! It was inspiring and a bit scary for me to know I was going to actually be doing this in less than a year.

One week later, we were going camping in Penticton with my bro and I decided it would be a great idea to ride my bike there-It was about 115km-meet warren and the kids. My vision of the ride was into Kelowna, pit stop in KL, then up into West KL, then down and around the lake into Penticton- no problem-ya right:) So the ride to KL was good, into KL was good, pit stop was good at starbucks-green iced tea and snack, but on the way up into West KL-thighs were starting to burn and soft tissue was not so soft-really starting to get hard to sit in aero. It was hot, windy and was taking longer than I thought. The down and around was down but the around was up and up and up. By 90km I called warren and said please come get me-I can’t sit anymore. This was just prior to Summerland. Well I got into Summerland came screaming down the hill and he picked me up at 104km. I sat in the lake-to help my legs and was tired. This is where I was starting to get really concerned about my saddle on my FELT.

A fantastic part of that weekend was Ava completing her second KOS triathlon in Summerland on the Sunday, so proud of her. 50m lake swim, 1.5km bike and 500m run. She had so much fun!

So proud of Ava, her second KOS triathlon.

I had one more 2.5hr ride and after the bruising I knew I needed a new saddle. So I got a new one and have had 2 rides since, one 2.5hrs and it is way better. So I am hoping for the best.

I started my private swim lessons 3 weeks ago and have had 6 sessions so far, BEST DECISION in regards to my fear of this swim that I have ever made. It has been so great to get immediate feedback and work on specific areas to me. I am feeling so much more confident and excited about the swimming practices to come. I was dreading the pool-felt like I was drowning and when she told me it’s not so much fitness as it is technique-I just felt this was a big piece of the puzzle for me in this journey.

I can say that I am now 100% engrossed in IM, what you focus on expands and I am seeing it everywhere. I am showing the videos in meetings, reading about latest posts and just getting super into it all. I am feeling stronger and am growing in many ways as I create time to get trg in, see my family and grow my business.

Bought this hat over 10 yrs ago while cheering on Teri and Adlai at IMC. In the back of my mind, I said one day I will do this race.

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  1. Angie! So pleased for you and you’re looking great! Love your babies – how wonderful! Keep up the good hard work! You can do anything if you put your mind to it!

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