How to Break Through

The Breakthrough Issue of YES Magazine - Winter 2012

We were given a subscription “YES” magazine and it is has some wonderful stories on how much difference one person that is committed can make in the world.
The first issue of 2012 is titled,“The Breakthrough”. Many of the comments made by various individuals really resonated with me. I feel they align with how I feel about people being the change, not just talking about the change they wish to see in the world.


“It’s precisely the people who are considered the least ‘likely’ leaders who end up inspiring others the most. Everyday people and everyday acts of courage eventually change everything.”
Ai-jen Poo-Organizing Labor – With Love


“Hope is the most important thing that people need to regain. I just want to be one example of someone who overcame hardships—one source of hope. That’s all we need to start seeing possibilities for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.”
Henry Red Cloud – Solar Warrior

“Throughout history, social change—abolition,
suffrage, civil rights, and worker rights—has
depended on the work of millions of people. We are
called today to build another such movement for a
just society—and each and every person can make a
unique and powerful contribution.”
Deepak Bhargava – A Voice for the Grassroots Inside the Beltway

“Go out and take action regardless of how
perfect your initial project will be … go into action,
because we as a society have got to the point
where we like to sit around and plan things and do
feasibility studies and lock them away in a closet.
Now is the era for going into action.”
Will Allen – Growing Justice in Food Deserts

“Most people want to see immediate results from our work. At the Institute, we like to joke with each other: ‘If you’re working on something you can finish in your lifetime, you’re not asking the right questions.'”
Wes Jackson – The Seeds of a Perennial Revolution


“Believe that the world can change, and commit to your part of the solution. Look at the world with clear eyes, but remain hopeful, and celebrate! When you feel challenged, reach out and reach in.”
May Boeve – Friendship to Carry us Through Crisis


“I believe in the 3/4-baked philosophy. People chase perfection—trying to ‘fully bake’ their ideas before they share them with the world. Too many people end up never sharing their ideas, songs, dreams, novels, and inventions. The 3/4-baked philosophy is about finding that right time to share your work—letting the community fully bake it. The more you do this, the more you put yourself out there, the more success you have.”
Jason F. McLennan – Bringing Buildings to Life

“In practice, there is no grand chasm to cross. Just do the small act of kindness for the person in front of you, right now. Small acts may or may not change the world, but they definitely change you. And when you look at the world with fresh eyes, it’s a whole new realm of possibilities.”
Nipun Mehta – An Economy to Feed Your Soul

“I kept showing up because something about the work fed my soul …
Everyone can show up for something. And who knows where it will lead?”
Alison Smith – Elections Money Can’t Buy


“Have big dreams but focus only on what you can control: your own thoughts, words and actions. This was Gandhi’s way … in the words of Buddhist poet Gary Snyder,
our job is to move the world a millionth of an inch.”
Eboo Patel – Crossing the Divide..With Faith

“Never think you can’t do something, without even trying it first”
Lucas Benitez – Dignity in the Fields



“My light doesn’t shine bigger than anybody else’s. Kindle the light in other people, so we shine together. The light from all of us will transform the darkness of ignorance and greed in our world into compassion and joy.”
Lily Yeh


“We must be convinced that the power of ideas is greater than that of the Pentagon and political parties. We must embrace the conviction that each one of us has the power within us to create the world anew.
Grace Boggs – 96 years of New Ideas

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I am a mother of two, a wife to the best man in the world, the National Sales Manager for a fantastic company - Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery Canada. I also serve on a board for the Front Row Foundation. "Be the Change" to me is about living your authentic self, making progress each day towards the best version of you.

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